Transforming people’s lives through Fitness.

We created FitTraction to help transform people’s lives through fitness, nutrition and mindfulness and enable personal trainers to monetize their ability to provide motivation and accountability, independent of in-person training sessions.

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Everyone has the ability within themselves to make positive changes in their lives, with a little support.

As a former personal trainer, founder Ian Turner struggled with attracting and maintaining a steady clientele, and his clients struggled to afford his services consistently.

After Ian went back to school at the University of Washington to study computer science, he used his skills to develop an application that allowed trainers to scale their businesses to new markets. Through the help of the Foster School of Business and the Paul Allen School of Computer Science, Ian was able to develop and test his product and business.

After a successful beta at local health club, Fittraction is ready to help connect personal trainers and prospective clients.

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It takes a combination of exercise, nutrition as well as mindfulness to achieve and surpass fitness goals.

Affordable, Long-Term, Consistent Training for the Price of a Gym Membership.

Trainers need a new way to sell their services. One that will give the customer what they really need, the knowledge of what to do and the accountability to do it, at a price that is affordable and through a channel that is scalable for the trainer to reach new markets.

With successful trials at a local health club and throughout the city, qualitative and quantitative feedback is making the case for Fittraction as a viable training variant and fitness industry disruptor.

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