Brittni DiLoreto

Brittni is passionate about helping people become healthier, more confident, and stronger. Life is hectic and it can become easy to put yourself last, especially if you're a Mom. That's why she has created several programs that are doable in the comfort of your own home, with kids running around or babies napping.

Post Partum Nutrition & Functional Fitness

As a new Mom herself, Brittni recognizes the many challenges women face following birth. Her passion is to help women embrace every phase post partum and be confident in the skin they are in.

  • Nutrition
  • Boot Camp
  • Core and Functional Fitness
  • Group Kickboxing
  • P.T. Certification
  • Fittraction Master Trainer

Brittni can provide you with the type of support you need to accomplish your fitness goals.

We can schedule check-ins as often as you need them and can tailor your exercise programs and meal plans so you are sure to get the results you deserve.

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